Christian counseling – What’s their motive and how do they help you?

Christian counseling is another form of therapy which concentrates on the area which centers on combining the disciplines of psychology and faith and offer an approach for emotional and mental health which is pulled directly from the teachings of the Bible. The people who practice Christian counseling include religious teachings and scripture to guide you through the challenging issues which you face in life. Whenever you face turbulent issues, you have to integrate and strengthen your faith on God as he is the ultimate saviour who saves you from all odds. To know more on this form of counseling, you may check out

Where did Christian counseling originate from?

As the name suggests, you can well understand that this is rooted deep within the Bible and this specific therapy stresses on the fundamental beliefs and values which consist of the entire Christian framework. Reverends, Ministers and the other religious figures will all seek licensed training and accreditation to offer you service like a secular counselor. It was in the year 1968 that Christian counselors formed Christian counseling and Educational Foundation to offer a formal model for present and future counselors.

Spiritual Health – What is it?

Where your religious beliefs stops, spirituality extends beyond that. It encompasses the sense of connection with a power which is much higher and you tend to understand and accept the fact that there’s something bigger than ourselves. It is you who can define spiritual health through your values, principles and moral beliefs. If you want to know what characterizes an individual’s spiritual health, here are few things:

The capability to be loved and to love
Community service
Personal fulfillment
Spreading joy and feeling joyful
Caring for others
Servitude and
Reflection and self care

What sorts of issues are handled by the Christian counselors?

This is an indeed broad therapeutic approach which can is applicable in different kinds of situations. You won’t find any singular issue which a Christian counselor can help you with. This type will instead help in treating different range of personal issues which you may experience in your life. Let’s check out a list of the most common issues for which people seek help of a Christian counselor.

Guidance on parenting
Marital issues or relationship glitches
Loss and grief
Mental Illness
Issues regarding self-esteem
Development of personal goal setting
Improving and strengthening your faith on God
Dealing with addiction and substance abuse

Hence, if you suffer from any of the above mentioned issues, you should firstly seek help of a Christian counselor to bring about solutions to your problems.