How to Create a Bun in Medium Layered Hair

Medium layered hair is usually the best length to style in a bun. The hair doesn’t become so bulky that it falls or gets out of the bun. Besides, the hair is also long enough to style a variety of beautiful hairstyles.

In this article, you will learn how to style your medium layered hair in two different ways: braided bun and a messy bohemian bun. You can find more info here.

1. Low Bohemian Bun.

a. Part your medium layered hair on one side- to create an unconventional bun you have to start with a side parting. Therefore, part the hair at the usual place where you do it. Use a comb to ensure the parting is straight.

b. Hold and collect the hair where the bun will be positioned- usually, the bun is placed at the nape of your neck. Nevertheless, you can set it in any place higher than this if you want.

c. Tie your hair by wrapping the hair band around it once-make sure you use a tight hair band since the hair tends to fall out.

d. Grab the hair tail and wrap it around the elastic band-grab the hair tips that are extending to the outside and wrap them around the elastic band. This is done to cover the band, so it is not exposed. Hold the manes in place using bobby pins.

e. Complete the look with flair- soften the look by pulling a few strands and letting them free on either side.

2. Braided Bub.

a. Choose where to do hair parting-here you can choose to do it by the side or in the middle.

b. Isolate the sides of the manes from the back-you want to braid the hair on the sides only. The back will not be braided. So collect hair on the temple region and throw it over the shoulders. Comb the hair at the back to isolate it.

c. Create a ponytail using the hair at the back- remember to isolate the hair at the sides. Choose the ponytail where you need to create your bun. This can be at the nape or higher. Ensure that the elastic band is tight.

d. Hold and twist the ponytail around the elastic band and hold the ends in place using pins- remember you are preparing the base of your bun, so ensure it is firm and secure.

e. Create a right braid- make a tight braid from near the ear all the way to ends.

f. Wrap the tip of the braid around the bun base- remember that the braid should be placed against the head and flow under the end of the ear until it touches the bun.

g. 7. Create a left braid and follow step six above.

h. Hide the tip of the braid in the base of the bun and secure it using bobby pins.

Those are the two first ways you can create a bun for your medium layered hair. Choose one that will refresh your looks.